What we can do for you?

“Our focus is providing practical applications of business and government organizational ethics and peace services”

 Organizational Ethics

 There is no doubt that integrity is the ultimate guarantor of responsible government and the honest use of public funds.  It is also the guarantor of good corporate citizenship and an emerging key to global competitiveness.   We believe in creating strategies and support mechanisms that “help good people do the right thing”.  We can help you implement global and national standards relating to integrity in governance, leadership and workplace practices.  We offer full spectrum integrity services from strategy development to implementation and training support.

Ethics Competencies and capacity development

 We provide programs to develop competencies at national, organizational, executive, leader, workplace, practitioners, internal disclosure, conflict of interest and trainer levels.

 Professional Services

  •  Integrity strengthening and corruption control
  • National governance strengthening and development
  • Ethics Evaluations and Assessments
  • Ethics Strategy and implementation planning
  • Consensus building and Implementation support
  • Ethics training and awareness
  • Training Design and development
  • Ethics Practitioner Coaching
  • Ethics management – Executive or leader coaching
  • Leadership and workplace development
  • Train the trainers
  • Creating an ethics practitioner’s community
  • Ethics and cultural accommodation

Ethics Presentations Courses, Workshops,

  •  Ethics and Governance
  • Developing ethics strategies and frameworks
  • Implementing the ethics mandate
  • Ethics and leadership development
  • A core Toolkit for ethics in the workplace
  • Ethics decision making in the workplace
  • Internal Disclosure of wrongdoing and casework
  • Reprisal protection strategies
  • Organizational Ethics Competency Qualifications 

 Ethics Publications

 Our services are supported by a variety of organizational ethics toolkits, publications and workbooks that we have developed and for which we have intellectual property rights, that cover:

  •  Ethics in Governance
  • Ethics and Values in the Workplace
  • Internal Disclosure of Wrongdoing
  • Ethics and Values Training
  • Ethics Review Boards
  • Small Organization Applications
  • Measurement and Evaluation
  • Administrative Investigation
  • Reprisal Protection


  • Basic Workplace ethics
  • Ethics in Governance
  • Internal Disclosure
  • Ethics Program Development
  • Ethics Practitioners
  • Ethics Coaching
  • Ethics Measurement and evaluation
  • Ethics case studies
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Cultural Accommodation

Peace Building Publications and programs

  • Communities of Peace Program Guide
  • Building Peace Practitioners in the Community – Basic Application Handbook
  • Children, Ethics, Resiliency and Wellbeing Program Guidance.
  • Children and Ethics Lower Schools Workbook “Being a Good Person”.
  • Children and Ethics, Educators and Parent Guidance.
  • Children and Resiliency Lower Schools Workbook “Sometimes Life is Hard”.
  • Children and Resiliency. Educators and Parent Guidance.
  • “Nothing is Broken” – Guidance and Workbook for facing trauma and suffering

 We will tailor to your organizational context.

How we do business.    Project Choices at all levels

“Building integrity is about building trust”

Our company provides the full range of organizational ethics and preventing wrongdoing development and implementation services, in the wider context of strengthening governance and building integrity.

At the strategic level, we have the experience and capacity to enter an organization (or at the national level) and initially assess their ethics environment, their current progress and challenges, and respond to their needs.  We have the ability to conduct short or detailed evaluations against global or national standards, conduct high level consultations, conduct executive awareness focus sessions to gain consensus on a way forward, and assist in policy and implementation strategy development.  We can produce written policy documents and annual reports for clients.  We can conduct measurement or survey activity.

At the implementation level, we have the experience and ability to conduct activity which includes:  train the trainer activity, the development and delivery of training sessions, the development of toolkits and promotional material, develop and provide for ethics week activity, providing advice, and the setting up of ethics offices, facilitating ethics review boards and case management.

At the preventing wrongdoing level; we have the ability to design and deliver projects involving the set up internal disclosure offices and frameworks, train disclosure staff, assist with casework, and conduct organizational awareness sessions.

At the individual level, we have the ability to provide coaching or advisory support.

At the group or community level. we have the ability to provide programs, accompaniment and support.

At a national level we are able to work to align political, public service, business sector, media, NGO, academia and civil societies with ethics voice, transparency, disclosure, conduct and accountability guidelines and aspirations.

  “We make a difference.”

  •  We are professional:  We offer practical advice from practical experience.
  •  We are client oriented. We offer services in business compliance, Executive Awareness, Ethics Advice, Program development support, Ethics Codes, Ethics training, Voice mechanisms, Measurement, Dialogue and Decision making models, Ethics day model, Ethics Casework, Ethics Workshops, Focus sessions, Reference material, Ethics assessments, Surveys, and more.
  •  We are flexible. We offer a flexible session design capacity that can be held on or off-site.  Contract work can be conducted in the client workplace if desired.  All services are tailored to client needs.   Unique client services can be developed on request.
  •  We are affordable.   Our fee structure is based on daily rates, plus reasonable expenses, (travel, meals, accommodations, printing, ie, of handouts or reports, etc), plus GST/PST as applicable.  The costs or content of all services and products are subject to change at any time depending on production costs, demand or client requirements.  Rates and fees are available on request.   
  •  We do pro-bono work.   We will support selected non-profit causes consistent with our mission and ethics statement, on a voluntary and time available basis.  This may include: advocacy activities, offering expert advice, panel or speaker services at conferences or meetings, offering staff support, awareness presentations and other services on a case merit basis.  Preference is given to opportunities in the local Ottawa area.  This company will also provide promotional presentations of company services, as mutually convenient to prospective or potential clients.
  •  We are active in the community.  The Center may offer cost recovery or free opportunities for social responsibility and ethics dialogue or advice.   

 We have friends, associate, licensees, clients and partners.

If you wish to meet us or be associated with us, contact us ….

Join us ….  “You have choices.”

 As an associate  Be a consultant with the Center.  Be a participant of our consulting projects in accordance with our associate agreement.  We have a training and certification process. Call us for details and a copy of the associate agreement.

 As a learning associate: A limited number of volunteer learning positions are available for students or persons wanting to learn the practical aspects of organizational ethics development.  Although a non-paying association, the opportunity may arise for paying project work.

 As a licensee:  Be your own consultant company.   Develop your own client base. Take advantage of our developed and tested proprietary material, training and support.  Market and conduct your own consulting projects in accordance with our licensing agreement.  Call us for details and for a copy of the licensee agreement.

As a partner: Together our capacity is greater.    Do you have a company or consultancy with shared interests or complementary capacities?  Do you wish an arms length arrangement with us?  Do you have a project we can help you with?  Perhaps we have projects that may benefit from your company and expertise?

 As a client:  Can we help you?  Do we share common values?  If you wish to explore possibilities, contact us.

As a friend:  For networking and socialization.  Join our mailing list and be invited to any social events typically over coffee, at various locations, discussing subjects in relation to organizational ethics, ethical relationships, and perhaps organize or assist in some pro bono projects of community or OE community benefit.  There is no cost to this, other than such as restaurant meals, if such a venue is selected.



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