* Need a simple Ethical Decision Making model for your organization?

This is a simple model that can guide ethical decision making at the individual or policy level..

 Awareness: What are the facts, competing issues, possible harm, uncertainty, obligations?

Reflection: How do I balance the rules, consequences, care for others, and values?

Action: Consult, decide, act in letigimate organizational/public interest, be accountable.


 • Individual value – Honesty.

 • Others value – treat with respect.

• Organizational values- Professionalism, competence, dedication.

• Clients and supplier values – Lawful, quality.

 • Societal values – Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility:

 • Integrity in governance,

 • environmental responsibility,

 • economic sustainability,

• societal beneficence

 (c) Paul Maillet CENTER FOR ETHICS


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